Nakachaaan BAIT

Going beyond anglers' expectations. The Super Panic Bait! Creates the illusion of fleeing baitfish on the surface.

The surface-focused deadly big bait "Delta Eye," created by lure builder T.H. Tackle's Mr.
Hamada, was tuned by Munehiko Nakamura, who secured three consecutive wins at the 23" Ashino Lake Tournament with a tailwalk version.

Eliminating the parts of TH Tackle's original model, Delta Eye, and achieving a lightweight design with 2 hooks and body.
Furthermore, it increases the buoyancy of the hard foamed material of the body, resulting in left-right asymmetric panic action, enhanced response, and water resistance during operation.
It allows for a wide-range search with a dead slow retrieve and can induce strikes with a single action.
It can also create an intense zigzag escape action during high-speed retrieval.
The flashing effect due to the surface commotion is remarkable. The front propeller generates bubbles while create like a pursued bait.


MODEL Color Type Size(mm) Weight(g) Retail Price JAN CODE
ZOE & JOINT ZOE NAKAMASFloating ~ Dead Slow16036ASK4516508 13189 5
HAKONE P-MARKFloating ~ Dead Slow16036ASK4516508 13190 1
NAKACHA GILL (tw Limited Color)Floating ~ Dead Slow16036ASK4516508 13218 2


  • Front Propeller

    Front Propeller

    Appeals over a wide range, even in wavy conditions.
    It can sometimes conceal the lure’s presence and set tricks in motion.
    By removing the rattles and front propeller, it can further enhance the commotion.

  • Realistic Shape & Bent Body

    Realistic Shape & Bent Body

    With a shape resembling a work of art, it confuses even the wariest bass until the end.

  • Increased Buoyancy with Hard Foaming

    Increased Buoyancy with Hard Foaming

    The excellent buoyancy of the high-float body widens the dart width from left to right and creates strong ripples upon landing, attracting fish and sealing the deal with a single action.

  • Left-Right Asymmetric Panic Action

    Left-Right Asymmetric Panic Action

    The bent body generates left-right asymmetric panic action, adding irregular movements to the angler’s control.


  • NAKAMAS(Autumn 2023 Limited Colors)

  • HAKONE P-MARK(Autumn 2023 Limited Colors)

  • NAKACHA GILL(tw Limited Color)