4th Collaboration Series with T.H Tackle x tailwalk

Munehiko Nakamura, who has won multiple Lake Ashi Bass Tournaments, has selected five proven items. "To catch more on the field...", we created the 2024 secret project featuring the proven "Nakachagil" color.
These lures will perform well not only in clear water but also in ponds and reservoirs nationwide.


MODEL Series Color Type Size(mm) Weight(g) Retail Price JAN CODE
ZOE & JOINT ZOE Nakachaaan BAIT (tw Limited Color)NAKACHA GILLFloating ~ Dead Slow16036ASK4516508 13218 2
TINY ZOE (tw Limited Color)NAKACHA GILLFloating618ASK4516508 13219 9
LITTLE ZOE (tw Limited Color)NAKACHA GILLSinking8117ASK4516508 13220 5
FLOATING JOINT ZOE (tw Limited Color)NAKACHA GILLFloating9331ASK4516508 13221 2
KAYLEEN (tw Limited Color)NAKACHA GILLFloating8721ASK4516508 13222 9


  • Nakachaaan BAIT (tw Limited Color)

    With a body size of approximately 160mm and featuring a bent body shape with a front propeller and irregular darting action, it utilizes a high-float rigid foam material to improve responsiveness on the water surface. Its strong presence can effectively attract fish in generally rough conditions. Effective for initial retrieve around trees and cover, as well as a search bait in weed areas.

  • TINY ZOE (tw Limited Color)

    Body size of approximately 61mm, with an ultra-compact, horizontally slow-floating design. Use in situations where you want more appeal than a minnow lure. Main use case is dead slow retrieves on the surface. It has a solid track record in reservoirs and ponds.

  • LITTLE ZOE (tw Limited Color)

    Body size of approximately 81mm. Increased response factor compared to the original Zoe. It excels as a search bait during straight retrieve, and due to its compact size, excels in sight fishing suspension scenarios.

  • FLOATING JOINT ZOE (tw Limited Color)

    Body size of 93mm, with a floating design. It has the power to attract fish to the surface with blades on the original-sized body. Bass that are accustomed to surface action will also respond to its high appeal and surfacing movement. Can be used from ultra-shallow to mid-range.

  • KAYLEEN (tw Limited Color)

    Body size of approximately 87mm, floating design. Its jointed sections create a curved action, drawing attention. Pinpoint casting is supported by its shape, allowing repeated attempts into cover. Shallow waking is another fun use case.