i‐Waver 74SSS [tailwalk limited color]

Collaboration color on O.S.P’s masterpiece lure, the i-Waver, makes its debut

The classic i-shape lure from O.S.P, the i-Waver 74SSS, has long reigned as a staple in clear waters. Achieving three-time series champion status at the notoriously tough Lake Ashinoko tournaments and securing three consecutive victories in the 2023 season, it has also been a favorite of tailwalk field staff, Munehiko Nakamura. He says, “one of lures that catch fish no matter how many years pass.” The collaboration color of the highly trusted i-Waver, endorsed by Nakamura, is finally becoming a reality in the spring of 2024.

Boasting features such as a joint structure, special fiber hair parts, and a unique weight setting for a slow-sinking action, the Super Slow Sinking (SSS) i-Waver allows anglers to keep it just below the water's surface even during a dead slow retrieve. The side-facing body design enhances visibility for anglers. This lure offers an exciting fishing experience, allowing anglers to visually witness the chase of big bass—an exciting addition to any angler's tackle collection.

*Caution regarding handling of hair parts

Hair parts are extremely thin and delicate. While they may recover to some extent when soaked in water even if slightly damaged, to prevent any damage due to entanglement with hooks from other lures, it is recommended to store them individually within the tackle box.


MODEL Color Type Length(mm) Weight(g) Hook Size Retail Price JAN CODE
i‐Waver 74SSS (tailwalk limited color) KOJIRI WAKASAGI IISuper Slow
744.5#10 × 2pcsASK4516508 13186 4
744.5#10 × 2pcsASK4516508 13187 1
744.53.0#10 × 2pcsASK4516508 13188 8




    In fishing styles with the I-shaped lures, a common issue has been the risk of being “identified as an imitation” due to the entire body moving in a seesaw-like up-and-down motion. To address this, the joint structure is designed to absorb the effects of waves and retrieve variations at the joint, minimizing unnatural movements. In other words, it is a joint structure designed to “keep it still.”



    The tail hair is a key component designed to increase chasing of bass and reduce the chances of being figured out as an imitation. Softly undulating like the fin of a small fish, this magical hair significantly decreases the likelihood of being seen through.


High ability for long cast and enticing bass

Featuring a 74mm lipless size that, even in windy conditions, allows for longer casts than any other lure, the i-Waver has become an indispensable choice in clear waters with finicky bass, including Lake Ashinoko. Especially during the changing conditions of early spring and late fall at mountain lakes, with strong winds creating rough waves and rapid drops in water temperature, the method of “just leaving the lure on the surface” often fails to entice bites.
In such situations, I believe the i-Waver is the go-to lure for enticing bass lurking slightly below the surface.


中村 宗彦

The overall producer of tailwalk, actively involved in development, promotion, sales, and constantly traveling in Japan and internationally. Balancing work commitments with a passion for fishing, particularly well-versed in bass fishing at Lake Ashinoko and tairubber fishing in Suruga Bay. With a history of winning in the JB Bass Pro Tournament and currently participating in the NBC Tournament held at Lake Ashi, consistently ranking high. In the 2023 season, recorded an impressive three consecutive victories in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds of the tournament.



    A classic wakasagi color with a matte finish on the surface. This color eliminates unnecessary gloss, making it irresistible to big bass that are naturally drawn to subtler presentations. Simultaneously, it maintains visibility underwater and is excellent for angler recognition. Special attention has been given to the fluorescent orange around the mouth area to lift fish near the break. This color is a must-have for clear lakes as well as reservoirs in various locations, ensuring success in a wide range of fishing scenarios.


    A matte-finished, translucent expanding color. On sunny days, light diffuses, enhancing its appeal, while in low light conditions, the expanding base color makes the bass stand out. It offers high visibility for anglers, making it easy to gauge the distance from fish trailing the lure from behind.


    Incorporating the essence of wakasagi into the base of the classic translucent chartreuse color, which has become a staple even in clear waters. This color blends seamlessly with the water, featuring the appearance of wakasagi. Highly recommended for windy, muddy, and rainy conditions. Special attention has been given to the fluorescent orange around the mouth area to lift fish near the break.